So. I got a new pair of Nike’s today. I was feeling sick and tired of bein sick and tired so I went out on the hunt for some new (but probably old) Nike’s. Shoes make me extremely happy, giddy almost. but Nike’s? they really get me going. So I went to this place in Dallas called Buffalo Exchange, the kewl kids call it Buffalo for short. So what Buffalo is is a place that one can go to exchange their buffalo for money. I kid. But is it is a place you can exchange your old clothes for money or other clothes. Sssooo I had some old crap that I brought up to exchange for some hopefully badass Nike kicks. Well the stars aligned for me today..I got more money than I expected for my trashy Charolette Russe clothes ( why I thought it was ok to dress like a Latina hooker back in the day I’ll never know) but heres the best part, as I was searching through all the graphic tees and flannel shirts, I noticed a pair of miniature sneakers( I wear a size 5 1/2 so this was crucial) from across the room. I approached them, staring down anyone I thought might be going after the wheels. As I came face to face with the sneaks, I knew they had to be mine. White with a purple swoosh ( I drew a picture as you can see above). So simple. So fresh. So I braced my self, reached for the price tag, flipped it around and saw a cool $22.00. SHWING!!! I ran as fast as I could to the register without looking like a complete lunatic, got out my bills and purchased a fly pair of sneakers, bringing my collection up to 9 pairs of Nike Dunk’s. I walked out of Buffalo beaming with pride, and trippin with swagga.


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