Blue and White Life

As you can see, the background of my blog is blue and white stripes…well there is a reason for that. I subconsciously choose blue and white stripes for nearly EVERYTHING in my life. honestly if there was a blue and white stripped option for a car I would choose it without even realizing it until someone points it out to me.

I discovered that I had an addiction my sophomore year of college. I came home for Thanksgiving break which is only about 4 days long. So as I was going through my suitcase to find something to wear I kept pulling out blue and white articles of clothing…One after the other.  So I started to panic and lay all the cloths out next to each other and had a total of SIX B&WS shirts for a FOUR day period. I consulted my mother with my issue and she was equally as concerned. So I started thinking and realized I had even more B&WS clothing back at school. I kept this obsession to my self and sort of forgot about it after awhile.

Then a few years later I was folding clothes and putting them in my drawers and looked down and my entire middle drawer was filled to the brim with B&WS shirts!

After this discovery I swore to myself I would never step foot in Old Navy (the mecca for Blue and White Stripes) without a friend to stop me from purchasing any B&WS shirts.

So I thought I was in the clear because I stopped buying B&WS shirts…but that doesnt mean I cant buy other B&WS stuff right?! like yoga pants, underwear, stationary, bedding! Well thats what I did…I channeled this addiction into other items.

So now I am sitting here on my blue-and-white stripped bed, wearing a blue-and-white stripped sweater, up-dating my blue-and-white stripped blog.

Do I need help? Maybe. But I don’t care.

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Buenos Noches. My name is Kaitlyn Conway. I recently graduated from THE University of Alabama with a BA in Advertising. I created this blog  because I want somewhere to show all the stuff I think is neato but none of my other friends do and maybe some weirdos like me will appreciate it. I may also post random thoughts about things that grind my gears. I named my blog Conway East because a friend and I were supposed to start blogs at the same time and we said we would use a play on a rappers name as the title…so Conway East is a play on….if you don’t  know you can leave.

Who is Conway East and why do we care about her?

My vices:

– Original sugar cane Dr. Pepper made only in Dublin, TX.

– Chicken pot pie

-Wes Anderson movies

– Rap. i.e Notorious B.I.G, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Jay-Z



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