So I bought Tina Fey’s new book Bossypants last friday at the airport. I rarely buy books at the airport because they are so over priced but I thought this one would give me a giggle or two. I WAS RIGHT. the man sitting next to me thought I was a lunatic because I laughed for the entire 1 1/2 long flight to Birmingham, he was an Auburn fan so I didn’t really give. read it. my favorite bits from it are when she talks about climbing a mountain in the middle of the night with her “boyfriend” when she went to UVA and the chapter when she talks about her dad Don Fey. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. Now I’m going to go finish it.


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Spring Feva

Ah spring is here. doesnt make you want to skip class and drink a few casual bronsons?! well now that im in the real world it makes me want to kill someone because i cant be outside.

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Everyone has seen star wars…if you havent theres is probably something wrong with you and i would like for you to quit reading and never come back. Anyways. Everyone that has seen it has a favorite character and mine is C3P0. He is just such a sweetie! He offers comic relief without being annoying as hell like Jar Jar Binks.  A loyal friend, a possibly gay robot, and a charmer. I love you C3P0. Oh and how amazing are those shoes?

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I’m a Dunkie. Its similar to a Junkie. Which is one that is addicted to Junk aka. Heroin. I’m addicted to Nike Dunks. Buy me some. Thanks.

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Ode to Wes Anderson

Above is the most bad A director in America. Wes Anderson. The cast has been unofficially announced for his new movie that is currently in production in Rhode Island. Its called Moonrise Kingdom and its Anderson’s first period piece, its set in the 60’s. Shwing! Fantastic Mr. Fox was good and all but I’m ready for a classic Wes Anderson film with real people, that is not stop motion, dripping with awkward family drama and Bill Murray. here are a few of my favorite screen shots from Wes’ gems. Enjoy.

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For me work isnt so bad. I like my job and I like the people I work with. But the BEST part about my job is getting to listen to Pandora all day long. Here is a list of the stations I browse throughout my typical day at work (the ones in orange are my top 10) . In Alphabetical order:

* 60’s, 70’s and 80s Hits
* All You Need Is Love
* Barbra Streisand
* Beastie Boys
* Beyonce
* Billy Joel
* Bron-Yr-Aur
* Creedance Clearwater Revival
* Die Antwoord
* Edith Piaf
* Elton John
* Film Scores
* Flaming Lips
* Jackson 5
* Janis Joplin
* Jay-Z
* Kanye West
* Led Zeppelin
* Lil Wayne
* Jimmy Reed
* Love Stinks
* Nicki Minaj
* The Notorious B.I.G
* Kid Cudi
* Radiohead
* Runaround Sue
* Showtunes
* Still Strugglin’
* Whitney Houston

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So. I got a new pair of Nike’s today. I was feeling sick and tired of bein sick and tired so I went out on the hunt for some new (but probably old) Nike’s. Shoes make me extremely happy, giddy almost. but Nike’s? they really get me going. So I went to this place in Dallas called Buffalo Exchange, the kewl kids call it Buffalo for short. So what Buffalo is is a place that one can go to exchange their buffalo for money. I kid. But is it is a place you can exchange your old clothes for money or other clothes. Sssooo I had some old crap that I brought up to exchange for some hopefully badass Nike kicks. Well the stars aligned for me today..I got more money than I expected for my trashy Charolette Russe clothes ( why I thought it was ok to dress like a Latina hooker back in the day I’ll never know) but heres the best part, as I was searching through all the graphic tees and flannel shirts, I noticed a pair of miniature sneakers( I wear a size 5 1/2 so this was crucial) from across the room. I approached them, staring down anyone I thought might be going after the wheels. As I came face to face with the sneaks, I knew they had to be mine. White with a purple swoosh ( I drew a picture as you can see above). So simple. So fresh. So I braced my self, reached for the price tag, flipped it around and saw a cool $22.00. SHWING!!! I ran as fast as I could to the register without looking like a complete lunatic, got out my bills and purchased a fly pair of sneakers, bringing my collection up to 9 pairs of Nike Dunk’s. I walked out of Buffalo beaming with pride, and trippin with swagga.


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